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Design, construction, analysis and promotion of solar cookers

The former earthboundtech website is no longer available.  It was deleted by Verizon when they discontinued the website service that they had povided for their DSL customers. Some of the legacy information will be loaded onto this website as time permits.

Cookers Set Up for Solar Feast

EarthBound Tech is devoted to helping advance the state of the art of solar and other sustainable energy options. Currently we are putting most of our effort into the analysis, design and evaluation of solar cookers. You are welcome to use the information presented here to build your own EB style cooker. We would appreciate feedback on your experience building and using EB Cookers


Our Newest Cookers

The EB Hybrid Parabolic (Hypar) Cooker is our newest cooker.  It is primarily a multisided parabolic cooker with the outermost section replaced with a conic section.

The EB Parabolic is a 16 sided 45 inch (1.14 Meter) Parabolic cooker. We cooked with this cooker on the winter solstice in Massachusetts. It had plenty of cooking power for winter cooking.  The EB Parabolic is an excellent cooker, but we decided not to promote it because it is too labor intensive to construct

Some current projects

Continue to perfect and promote the EB Hypar Cooker.  More work is needed on the Stand and Pot Support.  We also plan to design and build larger prototypes
Continue perfecting and promoting our optical method of evaluating solar cookers called the Reciprocal Optical Test for Measuring solar Cooker Performance

Evaluate the performance of a variery and compare the performance of other panel cookers.  Also use ray tracing to evaluate the performance of other cookers.
Evaluate the performance of cookers using our data acquisition system.

Other Solar Cooking Interests

Continue our search for better reflective materials.

Review the performance of other cookers using our data acquisition system
Increase the power flow into box cookers by optimizing the size and orientation of reflectors.

EB Hypar Cooker in Winter

The EB Hypar Cooker with dinner cooking on a cold day in January in Massachusetts

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