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CooKit Simulation and New Simulation Tools

This is a detailed paper that describes the simulation results for the CooKit and the Simulation tools that were developed to simulate panel cooker performance.

click here to view "CooKit Analysis and New Sumulation Tools" paper

The link below shows the animated result of a Simulation of a cross section of a CooKit. It does not include the power from the side reflectors.

click here to play CooKit Profile Video

This video shows the power contributed by the side reflectors. The display picture shows a view of each reflector. Each reflector is divided into pixels. Each pixel corresponds to an elemental area of the reflector. Black pixels define the extent of the reflector with a white line representing the boiundary between the rear and front portion of the reflector. Pixels corresponding to elemental areas from which reflected sun rays hit the pot are shaded. Rays from the white pixels hit the top of the pot, Rays from dark gray pixels hit the side of the pot. Rays from light gray pixels hit the bottom of the pot.

click here to play side reflector video

Augmented side reflectors have more reflecting surface on the upper side of the reflectors than the normal CooKit reflectors.. Augmented reflectors are similar to normal side reflectors except that the material in the upper corners or the piece from which the CooKit is constructed is not removed. The augmented reflector increases the cooking power by making effective use of material that probably would otherwise be discarded.

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